The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (v1.0.1.31 & ALL DLC’s)

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The "Book of Unwritten Tales 2" is an adventure game developed by King Art Games based on the original book series by Markus Heitz. In this version, players take control of four characters - the human Wilbur, the elf Ivo, the dwarf Nate and the gnome Critter - as they embark on a grand quest to save their world from the evil sorcerer Mortroga. Along the way, they will have to solve puzzles, interact with a variety of colorful characters, and explore the magical world of Aventasia in search of clues to unravel the mysteries. With its charming art style, engaging story, and challenging puzzles, "Book of Unwritten Tales 2" is sure to provide hours of fun for fans of classic point-and-click adventure games.
book of unwriten tales 2

The v1.0.1.31 & ALL DLC’s version of Book of Unwritten Tales 2 includes all the exciting content from the original game, plus several new additions. Players can now enjoy an expanded storyline, additional side quests, and two new characters: the orc warrior Moogly and the mysterious wizard Mournath. In addition, the game has been upgraded with enhanced HD visuals, improved animation, and an all-new soundtrack. This release also includes a bonus feature that allows players to view concept art, audio recordings of the game's developers, and even some behind-the-scenes footage.

Players of the "Book of Unwritten Tales 2" will find plenty of puzzles to keep them busy. The game's levels are rife with environmental challenges, dialogue puzzles, and more. Some puzzles require lateral thinking, while others may be solved through trial and error. Each level also contains a variety of collectibles, such as coins and gems, which can be used to purchase powerful upgrades or items. Additionally, there are hidden areas and secret passages scattered throughout the game, making exploration an essential part of the experience.

The v1.0.1.31 & ALL DLC’s version of “Book of Unwritten Tales 2” also features an extensive crafting system. Players can combine common materials found throughout the game to create powerful weapons, armor, and artifacts. Some of these crafted items can even be sold to local merchants for a tidy profit. Crafting is an important part of the game, and it requires careful planning and resource management in order to succeed.

The game's characters are also full of personality. Each character has their own unique abilities and traits, and they often need to work together in order to progress. For example, Wilbur and Ivo may need to use teamwork to get past a particularly tricky puzzle, or Nate may need to use his mining skills to uncover hidden treasure. The interactions between the characters make for an entertaining and immersive adventure.

Finally, the "Book of Unwritten Tales 2" offers plenty of replay value. Players can choose to tackle the main quest or explore the various sidequests and secrets at their own pace. There are also numerous achievements to be earned, as well as difficulty settings to suit all types of gamers. All in all, the v1.0.1.31 & ALL DLC’s version of “Book of Unwritten Tales 2” is an excellent adventure game that is sure to delight both newcomers and veterans alike.

Last updated: 2023-08-07

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