Symantec Ghost Boot CD

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Free Download Symantec Ghost Boot CD 12 for Windows PC. It can create and restore backup images of the entire disk, partition, or individual folders and allows you to recover the system even when everything seems compromised.

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Overview of Symantec Ghost Boot CD 12 Benefits

Ghost can backup and recover the essential data stored on your computer. It works by making a full system image of your computer, which can be restored in the event of a hard drive failure or if you can’t enter your operating system, allowing you to pick up working without losing data.

The Symantec Norton Ghost Boot CD for Windows from Symantec allows you to create a complete system backup that you can use to restore your computer in the event of a hard drive failure or significant system problem. Ghost allows you to backup to any media type, including CD and DVDs, external hard drives, or Iomega Zip and Jazz disks. You can even schedule incremental backups, allowing you to backup only items that have changed since your last backup. A ghost is an excellent option for backing up and quickly restoring your computer system.

Overview of Symantec Ghost Boot CD 12 Features

  • The software features advanced features such as incremental backup, scheduled backups and triggered backups to help optimally protect the data stored on your computer system.
  • Ghost features a LightsOut Restore feature that allows you to restore a system via on-disk software. This facilitates restoration without the need for a bootable CD. You'll also be able to create a virtual disk image, compatible with VMWare and Microsoft formats, from a recovery image.

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