Bentley RAM Elements CONNECT Edition 2022

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Bentley Systems, Incorporated is proud to announce the release of Bentley RAM Elements CONNECT Edition 2022. This easy-to-use structural analysis and design software removes silos that once hindered structural engineering. It offers powerful tools like structural engineering tools, structural and foundation design tools, integrated analysis, and design capabilities. With an intuitive and flexible workflow, Bentley RAM Elements CONNECT Edition 2022 helps engineers to connect with the information, insights, and community for efficient design of safe, reliable and resilient structures.
bentley ram elements

The release of Bentley RAM Elements CONNECT Edition 2022 is positioned to further enhance the productivity and collaboration of the structural engineering design process. This software package combines integrated structural analysis and design models to provide a comprehensive structural design solution utilized in the industry.

Bentley RAM Elements CONNECT Edition 2022 offers an opportunity for structural engineers to work collaboratively, utilizing cloud workspace collaboration and communication tools. With this latest technology, structural engineers will be able to focus on their designs and take greater control of the structural engineering process.

The comprehensive suite of tools available via Bentley RAM Elements CONNECT Edition 2022 includes analysis tools, modeling tools, and element design tools. It is packed full of features such as detailed analysis of a wide range of structural elements including walls, bracings, beams, columns, and footing, as well as integrated automatic generation of force diagrams and load combination based on load distribution, input data, and building codes.

The streamlined workflow of Bentley RAM Elements CONNECT Edition 2022 enables smooth collaboration, efficient design management, and open access to information. Furthermore, it provides tools to compare a model to the original design intent and element design details. With these features, this software enables structural engineers to create safe, reliable and resilient structures.

Bentley RAM Elements CONNECT Edition 2022 simplifies and optimizes the design of building and infrastructure engineering projects. It offers powerful tools that streamline the design process, providing time and cost savings for even the most complexstructural engineering projects. With this innovative technology, designers can now access a unified platform for building and infrastructure design.

Last updated: 2023-04-27

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