Bentley ProStructures CONNECT Edition 2021

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Bentley ProStructures CONNECT Edition 2021 is an innovative platform designed specifically to help structural engineering professionals maximize efficiency, reduce errors, and make smarter decisions regarding the design and analysis of structures.

Using the latest advances in technology, ProStructures CONNECT Edition 2021 provides professional engineers with access to powerful tools for creating precise 3D parametric models as well as for advanced analysis for finite element analysis, dynamic response analysis and advanced code-based design.

ProStructures CONNECT Edition 2021 is a powerful and comprehensive structural analysis and design solution that helps engineers quickly and accurately design and document structural systems of all kinds such as buildings, bridges and cranes. The application offers an intuitive, user-friendly experience and allows structural design professionals to quickly create and analyze all types of structural systems and elements in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

Structural engineers will be able to build 3D structural steel and concrete models within ProStructures, which allows them to comparatively analyze structural system solutions in full detail. They will also be able to perform the most advanced engineering analyses to get the most accurate results faster and easier than ever before. This software also helps in streamlining the construction process, making it more efficient for structural engineers.

ProStructures CONNECT Edition 2021 also offers benefits such as enhanced interoperability, improved collaboration and customization of parametric objects for faster design changes. The platform is compatible with a multitude of engineering software, allowing for structured collaboration between engineering, construction, and production teams. With ProStructures CONNECT Edition 2021, engineers can quickly and easily access and share data from multiple sources, collaborate with stakeholders, and complete projects in the most efficient manner possible.

Bentley's ProStructures CONNECT Edition 2021 is the perfect tool for any structural engineer needing a comprehensive and advanced structural analysis and design solution. With its advanced features and enhanced interoperability, it is the right choice for any engineering professional wanting to optimize their workflow and maximize efficiency.

Last updated: 2023-04-27

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