Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf Cheats For Genesis

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Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf is a classic Sega Genesis helicopter game, released in 1993. It's considered one of the best games of its genre and spawned an entire franchise, including a movie. Those who want to get the most out of this classic can use some Desert Strike cheats.
desert strike sega
desert striker

The Valdez cheat is one of the most useful Desert Strike cheats available. It gives the player unlimited fuel and ammo, making it easier to complete levels. To activate this cheat, press Up, A, B, Right, A, Down on the second controller during gameplay. The player will hear a confirmation sound when the cheat has been activated successfully.
valdez cheat

Another useful cheat is GG, which enables the player to skip levels. To use this cheat, press Up, C, A, Down, B, B, Left on the second controller. The cheat will be activated after hearing a confirmation sound. This cheat can be used to quickly progress to later levels without having to play through the earlier levels.

For those who want to unlock all weapons, the All Weapons cheat can be used. Players should press Up, B, Up, A, Down, B, A on the second controller to activate this cheat. Once again, a confirmation sound will be heard when the cheat is successfully enabled. With this cheat, the player can use all the weapons available in Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf.
desert strike game

The last cheat for Desert Strike is the Super Gunship cheat, which gives the player an invincible helicopter with unlimited fuel and ammo. To activate this cheat, press Right, A, B, Down, A, Down on the second controller. The player will hear a confirmation sound when the cheat is enabled. This cheat makes it much easier to complete the game and have fun with Desert Strike.

These are the main Desert Strike cheats available for the Sega Genesis version of the game. They can make the game much easier and more enjoyable, so all Desert Strike fans should give them a try. Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf remains a classic and is sure to bring back fond memories for those who played it growing up.

Those looking to dive back into this classic game should look no further than these Desert Strike cheats. With these cheats, players can easily unlock all weapons and enjoy the game as they remember. Whether you're playing the game for the first time or trying to relive the nostalgia, these cheats will make your Desert Strike experience even better.

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