Ultimate Chicken Horse (v1.10.05)

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If you love a good party game, Ultimate Chicken Horse may be for you. This game lets you race exotic animals such as chickens, horses, unicorns and even a bear on quirky levels, with the added challenge of selecting and placing level elements. Ultimate Chicken Horse (v1.10.05) is free to download and play, unblocked and available online, which means that you can take part in this good-natured competition with friends and family.
free ultimate chicken horse
ultimate chicken horse free

The goal in Ultimate Chicken Horse is to outwit or outlast your opponents on a variety of levels, with the challenge being to select and place level elements, such as timed platforms, trampolines, spikes or cannons, that work in your favor. If a player reaches the checkpoint first, they are the winner but players are encouraged to place traps and obstacles to prevent their opponents from crossing the finish line. The action-packed game also includes online leaderboards, in-game achievements and the ability to customize your character with different styles, sounds and visual effects.
ultimate chicken horse download

Players can also unlock levels in Ultimate Chicken Horse, either by clearing levels or by completing specific actions. The game also features a Local Party mode, which lets up to four players battle it out on a single screen, with the aim of solving puzzles, setting traps and outmaneuvering opponents. Ultimate Chicken Horse is available to purchase on PC, with a Steam key available for those looking for enhanced features.

Overall, Ultimate Chicken Horse is an addictive, competitive game for all ages, one that combines the fast-paced challenge of solving puzzles with the adrenaline of racing animal characters. It’s great for casual and experienced gamers alike, with plenty of opportunities to unlock levels, customize characters and play together. So if you’re looking for a unique chicken and horse pc game that will keep you and your friends entertained, then Ultimate Chicken Horse is definitely the game for you.

Last updated: 2023-04-26

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