This Land Is My Land (v1.0.3.18972 & ALL DLC)

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This Land Is My Land (v1.0.3.18972 & ALL DLC) is an action-adventure video game developed and published by Upperland Studios. Players take on the role of a Native American chief and must defend their tribe’s land and people from the encroaching settlers that would dispossess the Native Americans. While playing, the player will explore the open world, completing various missions and base-building tasks that will ultimately lead to reclaiming the territory rightfully belonging to the tribe. The game features an engrossing story, an intricate crafting system, and an immersive and unique setting. With this land is my land console, a series of additional DLCs available for the game, players can further customize their gaming experience.
this land is my land console
these are my people this is my land

In this land is my land, players will have to navigate the intricate interactions between the settlers, natives, and wildlife. As they progress through the game, they'll recruit more warriors and troops to bolster the defenses while they go on to reclaim various territories within the game. The game offers rewards as the player reclaims lands and progresses so that the player always has something to work towards. These rewards can come in forms of weapons, resources, or unique items related to the tribes and the history of the setting. Each of these elements serves to create an alluring and realistic gaming experience for players, drawing them into the setting of a wild frontier in this land was my land.
this land was my land

This Land Is My Land also features a clever and expansive crafting system through which the player can construct a variety of items, from tools to weapons and structures. The crafting system cycles and upgrades as the player amasses more resources, creating dynamically shifting and still realistic opportunities to build better structures and weapons. This land is my land: players may even limit their resources, deciding which resources to work with, which to hoard, and which to trade and build relations with others. At the end of the day, the game presents an engaging system wherein the player can shape their own story with just a few scrolls of the mouse.

In addition, this land is my land allows players to create custom mods through Steam Workshop. Mods allow players to introduce additional game elements, pieces of dialogue, or game mechanics to tailor the experience to their own liking. Creativity is used to enhance the player’s overall experience without the hassle of having to learn how to develop the mods from start to finish. While mods are not necessary for completion, they offer creative ways in which players can expand their gaming experience by expressing themselves in their own unique way.

This land is my land trainer makes it easy to customize every aspect of a play-through, from the level design and resources to the pacing and environment of the map. Players can make adjustments on the fly from missions to combat scenarios without affecting progress, allowing for ultimate control. This allows for a uniquely tailored experience for any single playthrough. It also encourages creative exploration to discover the extraordinary possibilities that arise with these custom options.
this land is my land:

At the end of the day, there's no shortage of enjoyment and satisfaction derived from playing This Land Is My Land. From its engaging narrative elements, to its immersive setting and gameplay mechanics, players are sure to derive hours of joy and entertainment from the game. With additional DLCs, numerous customizations, and mods of any kind, the possibilities available in this game are virtually limitless, guaranteeing a unique and intensely personal gaming experience.

Last updated: 2023-04-26

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