Lumion Pro 10 2020

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Lumion Pro 10 2020 has just been released and it’s offering a plethora of amazing and innovative features. With Lumion 10, users will be able to create stunning visualizations with ease and speed. A standout feature of Lumion 10 is the addition of Edrawings Mac, which makes it possible to export LRV files directly to the Mac.
lumion 10
edrawings mac

Edrawings Mac's innovative technology gives architects the ability to quickly and accurately exchange the information needed to build a 3D model on the Mac. On the Mac, LRV files can be viewed and then edited within Edrawings Mac. This type of advanced file sharing, allows users from all over the world to collaborate using the same format and take part in the collaborative design process.

The addition of Edrawings Mac to Lumion 10 takes the advanced 3D rendering and modeling capabilities to the next level. With Lumion 10, 3D models can be easily edited, animated, rendered and shared across devices. Lumion 10 also offers a variety of new features including; an extensive library of visuals and materials, improved workflows, powerful effects, and photorealistic rendering options.

Lumion 10 also comes with a huge range of adjustable materials, lighting and effects so that users can customize their projects with added realism and flexibility. By using Lumion 10’s built-in tools, users can quickly and easily add text, colors and models to their 3D scenes.

All in all, Lumion Pro 10 2020 equips architects, designers, and visualization specialists with the tools and possibilities that help them turn 3D and 2D models into breathtaking images and videos. With Edrawings Mac included, users can now access the features offered by Lumion 10 from the comfort of their Mac.

Last updated: 2023-04-27

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