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Foundation is a popular real-time strategy video game by game developers Polymorph Games. Boasting a modern and grand strategy build, players are immersed in a living and detailed world where they must build and expand their own settlement. With Foundation, you will have the opportunity to craft a unique world and journey through time as you progress.
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Since its initial release, the game has gained traction among players with its strong foundation game mechanics, visuals and content. The game is currently on its v1. update and offers a vast amount of tactical and strategic capabilities. This includes a procedurally generated map, with five different terrains, various resources, powerful building designs and a large tech tree which you can use to your advantage.
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Foundation also offers its players a unique multiplayer experience, where players will have to compete against one another to build an advanced city and achieve victory. As you progress, you will also be able to interact with the environment and discover new events.

For those interested in playing the game, you can download Foundation for free on Steam. The game also comes with a free trial version which you can use to get familiar with the game mechanics and features. After the trial, you can either choose to purchase the full game or continue playing the free version with limited features.

If you're interested in exploring a grand strategy game with plenty of depth, then be sure to check out Foundation. With its immersive visuals, realistic environment and modern gameplay, you'll be sure to find hours of entertainment.

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