Just King (v0.3.6)

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Just King (v0.3.6) is an innovative new gaming experience, designed with the casual gamer in mind. It offers a unique twist on classic card games, while still preserving the elements that make them so enjoyable. Players are put in control of the legendary King and must complete puzzles, expand their kingdom, and save their subjects along the way. The diverse environments and more than 100 levels mean that gamers of all levels of experience can find something to enjoy in this game.
just king

The game was created by a small, independent game studio, and has quickly found a loyal following among players of all levels and ages. Hand-illustrated graphics bring the adventure to life and give it a unique and appealing aesthetic, while the simple intuitive gameplay ensures that anyone can pick up and start playing without having to study the rules.

Gameplay itself is an accessible blend of turn-based strategy and resource management - a combination designed to deliver a satisfying gaming experience no matter what level the player is at. As players complete levels, they can earn in-game rewards and coins, which can be used to buy upgrades for their kingdom. These upgrades can help them on their journey as they attempt to save their kingdom from the mysterious forces lurking in the shadows.

The game references classic card games with its simple yet engaging mechanics, using a novel approach to make them accessible for new players. Those unfamiliar with the genre will still have no trouble understanding the basic concepts and mastering the more complex ones. The game also includes an online leaderboard and the ability to challenge friends, adding a competitive element to the game while still allowing players to set their own pace.

Just King (v0.3.6) is a polished game which offers a unique experience that keeps players engaged and coming back for more. Its sheer variety of puzzles and levels is sure to keep even the hardest of hardcore gamers entertained for hours, while the intuitive controls and charming visuals give casual players an enjoyable, relaxing way to while away a few hours. With its comprehensive offering, it's no wonder that Just King (v0.3.6) has earned its place as one of the top card games for the casual gamer.

Last updated: 2023-04-26

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